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(prototypes) fusion jaegers

Mark 15-15 Rogue
Gareth Silver / Omega Diamond

Ai jaegers

total: 3 (proposed)


The Jaeger Program was first developed by Dr. Lars Gottlieb shortly after Jasper Schoenfeld proposed the idea for the Jaeger at the 2023 conference in Seoul, South Korea following the fourth Kaiju attack on Sydney, Australia in September.

Jaeger names

Jaegers are usually named after their own nations Like Crimson Typhoon references China’s “Red” political ideology (Communism is associated with the color and red is the principal color of their flag). some of the names are reused as some wanted to honor some of their heroic jaegers in first kaiju war.

Kaiju based jaeger

total: 3

Kaiju war industry

No good fight can be put up without some fearsome weapons! The Anti-Kaiju weapon engineering company Shao Industries is the main producer of fearsome weapons like the iconic Plasma Cannon since 2025, but new companies like the Icelandic Arms Developer Swanscov &

Mark designation

Due to the nature of the new Jaegers being rolled out after the First Kaiju War, some Shatterdomes have taken to listing Jaegers based on their tech equivalent rather than their Launch Date. This is because Jaegers are no longer being rolled out in batches, but rather the moment they are operable to deal with the threat of the Kaiju.

This new “Tech Equivalence” system allows for quicker and faster field evaluation of Jaegers worth against a current target. Most well-known Jaegers are not often subject to this, as they can be easily recognised most of the time. unfortunately not all personnel can pull the stats of a just-sighted Jaeger when Comms are down.

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The system works in recognising standard parts, such as the T-18 Angel Wings torso, a Mark-5 piece of equipment, and an Energy Cell Refinery “head”, a Mark-1 piece, and drawing an average between them. This under-construction Jaeger would be classified as a “Mark-3 Tech” equivalent. On the field, this translates to “Good for anything up to Cat-III, Cat-IV risky, anything bigger and it’ll need backup”.

Due to its popularity by civilians, Jaegers can be accepted as “Mark-5” or “Mark-V”. They don’t seem to care between numbers and roman numerals.










Total: 46







Precursor jaegers

After the Seattle Jaeger Rampage, the Precursors decided to build their own Precursor Jaegers. You can see a list of all known Precursor Jaegers here

In 2023 Japan made a program called 2023 prototype Mark 2 program that started making Mark 2 like crazy and the first jaeger made was Rocket inferno they were the largest Japan organization founding millions to make mark ll they would later join the PPDC in 2023

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