First polisher in one turn with lidar

floor cleaning robot

Exclusive patented floor cleaning

Powerful vacuum cleaner sucks up small debris, hair and pet hair. The reciprocating drive mechanism of both wipes, oscillating 15 times per second, simulates hand movements to remove dried stains and debris from the floor. Micro-drop water spray is the third stage of cleaning to soften dried stains and dirt that cannot be removed by dry wiping. The rear cleaning pad not only absorbs moisture and wipes away stains and dirt, but also polishes the floor.

First polisher in one turn with lidar

is an advanced navigation system that allows you to avoid obstacles and objects, clearly plan the path that the device will take while cleaning your home. Uses lidar and a set of other sensors to build a map of the room and determine the position in space.

First polisher in one turn with lidar

Smartphone control

First polisher in one turn with lidar

Suitable for various hard floors

5 floor plans

LEGEE-7 creates and stores up to 5 floor plans in memory, map data is stored in the built-in memory of LEGEE. You can use different cards when LEGEE is on a different floor or in a different house.

Individual mode and cleaning schedule for each room

The user can set a weekly schedule, which allows you to pre-schedule the daily cleaning time, settings for each room separately, assign cleaning sequences, and combine or separate rooms according to needs

Virtual forbidden walls and blocks

On the maps in the mobile application, you can set virtual forbidden walls and blocks so that the robot does not drive into places that are undesirable for cleaning.

Speaks Russian

Creative Voice – voice over recording adds even more personality to the LEGEE-7, allowing users to replace the pre-installed Russian voice messages with any voice of their choice.

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

Voice control
Siri / Alice / Google Assistant

LEGEE-7 can be controlled by Siri, Alice and Google Assistant. Connect the voice assistant following the instructions and control the robot both using the speaker and via a smartphone.

Instructions for connecting to Yandex Alice

Specially designed suction nozzle

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

Powerful Li-ion battery

Reliable 4500mAh Li-Ion battery ensures longer runtime of LEGEE-7.

Continue cleaning after recharging

Automatically returns to recharge and continues to work from the point of interruption, which increases the cleaning area.

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

Laser sensors
height difference

LEGEE-7 is equipped with 2 front and 2 rear drop sensors to detect the edges of the floor and steps to prevent the robot from falling.

High efficiency washable filter

The high-efficiency filter captures even the smallest dust particles and is easy to clean with plain water.

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Hobot Legee 7 is a modernized version of the Legee 688. This is still the same D-shaped floor polisher with a unique design – with two vibromops, suction bell and water spray on the floor. But now he knows how to map using lidar, the power of the motor and battery has been brought to premium levels, and the mops have begun to move even faster (up to 900 movements per minute). I will tell you in detail about the configuration, design and functionality of Hobot Legee 7 later in the review.

Together with the robot put in the box:

The body shape remained the same – D-shaped: in front – a U-shaped bumper with a scattering of sensors, at the back – a rounded panel with a decorative grille and charging terminals. The case length is 330 mm, width – 340 mm. The height, compared to the 688th model, has increased to 98 mm. The reason for this was the lidar placed on the front panel.

Of the controls on the body, there are 4 buttons: start, to the base, dry cleaning and powerful mode. There are three important elements under the floor polisher cover:

Under the bottom of the Legee 7 are the following accessories:

The robot uses lidar to navigate the terrain. With it, Legee 7 makes a map, accurately determines its own position and where the charging station is located. The robot cleans room after room, drives into every corner of the apartment, carefully sweeps over obstacles and the docking station (therefore, it is advisable to fix it with adhesive tape). The touch of the bumper is soft, so the dog’s water bowl will stay in place, but if necessary, it can be protected by a virtual barrier. You can view the trajectory of movement and check which locations the robot has visited through the mobile application. The robot keeps up to 5 room plans in memory, so it is suitable for multi-storey buildings.

The 4500 mAh battery provides autonomy within 88-140 minutes, depending on the selected settings. In one working cycle, Legee 7 manages to clean from 65 to 105 sq.m., and the same amount after intermediate recharging. The manufacturer also says that the robot can resume cleaning many times, and is able to clean more than 400 square meters. m.

Cleaning screenshots at maximum power, on one battery charge:

The main functions of the application are interactive cartography and mode switching. On the map, you can designate forbidden areas, put virtual walls and change the configuration of rooms. When scheduling for each room, you can choose one of seven modes: “powerful”, “pet”, “polish”, etc. Or set up a custom mode with the desired suction power, wetting intensity, movement speed and vibration frequency.

Additional application options are standard: assessment of the status of the dust container, tank and battery, viewing the history of cleaning, adjusting the volume of notifications, turning on cleaning around the perimeter and joystick mode. But there is one unusual function – you can record the phrases that the robot will talk to you with. Useful for those who are tired of formal voice messages. And not a little important point, the robot supports control through voice assistants.

Garbage and sand removal

Legee 7 does dry cleaning like robotic vacuum cleaners: it sweeps the dirt out of the corners, and then draws it into the dust collector. Thanks to the suction power of 2700 Pa, the robot collects up to 93% of debris on smooth surfaces. The D-shaped body helps to qualitatively process corner areas.

Wet cleaning of dried coffee and ketchup stains

Legee 7 wet cleaning three-stage:

The robot easily copes with footprints and paw prints, washes away traces of coffee and ketchup. In extremely dirty areas (e.g. near the stove) it may be necessary to restart after changing the wipes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Legee 7 is a floor polisher designed for preventive dry cleaning and high-quality floor washing in rooms with any coatings. The robot is well oriented in rooms with a complex layout and cluttered rooms. Operation parameters can be configured depending on the tasks.

The main advantage of the Legee 7 is an interesting combination of price and quality. For 40 thousand, Hobot offers premium mapping, dry cleaning with a suction power of 2700 Pa and wiping stains with vibrating swabs. There is simply no other offer like it on the market.

Hobot continues to delight with unusual solutions. Last year, the manufacturer finalized the navigation of its robot with two mops (Hobot Legee 7), and this year it decided to completely change the concept. The new Legee D7 is closer to traditional robots: they left only one mop, but they installed a full-fledged bell with a turbo brush, a Tangless Suction system, and a new type of zone was added to the application. How these innovations affected the functionality of the robot, I will tell later in the article.

Hobot Legee D7

Legee D7 is made in the traditional D-shape for the manufacturer. At the stern there is a lidar turret, and in front is a diamond-shaped control panel. It consists of 4 buttons: start, to base, mode switching and child lock. So, if zoning does not matter to you, you can also control the buttons on the case.

Compartment for containers

Containers are placed in different compartments under the lid:

Ahead – U-shaped bumper with IR and tactile sensors. To prevent the robot from scratching furniture, a rubber molding is provided.

The design of the bottom was completely changed. Instead of the front vibration mop, two sockets were installed at once. At the back there is a large bell with a turbo brush, and in front there is a small one that directs debris directly into the dust collector (which is why there are 2 inlets in the container). The idea behind this design is that less hair and fluff gets on the turbo brush.

The tracks are now on a movable suspension to make the Legee D7 better through rapids. The mop does not vibrate as before, but it rises on carpets by 6 mm. In the center – the usual nozzles, and in the corner – an end brush.

The proprietary application Hobot is used for control. It offers the following functionality:

At the same time, the application has several unique features that need to be mentioned separately:

A total of 7 modes are available, which are determined by the ratio of the sliders: power, wetting, speed of rotation of tracks and brushes. You can also customize your own mode in a special menu. You can also close the front bell there (relevant for carpets).

Drop sensors keep the Legee D7 away from stairs and dark carpets. At least that was the case when I tested the robot. But today the manufacturer has solved this problem with an update.

When detecting obstacles, the Legee D7 is guided by the readings of the lidar, therefore it sweeps over the legs of furniture, does not move dog bowls, and generally tries to act without contact. However, the angular bumper often causes maneuvering difficulties and unwanted collisions.

Thresholds are much better than the previous model. Thresholds with a height of 15-20 mm Legee D7 overcomes without much difficulty.

With the maximum suction power, the battery (4900 mAh) lasted for 1.5 hours. During this time, the vacuum cleaner has processed 86 sq.m.

The noise level is standard for robots of this type – within 61-72 dB.

By default, the Legee D7 passes the stand once around the perimeter and in zigzags. Even such a quick cleaning algorithm is enough to collect 98% of the debris on the laminate. The D-shape works – the corners are perfectly clean.

The declared suction power is 2700 Pa, and this is a figure close to reality. After the first pass, not a single grain of sand remained on the smooth floor.

Cleaning a thin carpet

On carpets, the vacuum cleaner also performs well: 95% on thin and 70% on medium. To improve the result, you can run cleaning with a double pass.

An additional bell gives a positive effect. The hair on the brush is actually wound by 80 percent less.

Medium carpet cleaning

Cleaning coffee stains

Cleaning dried juice

The manufacturer refused vibration and the second mop, but this had almost no effect on the quality of cleaning. The Legee D7 still removes coffee stains in one pass. Stubborn dirt, such as dried juice, requires a second cycle.

The robot also copes well with complex cleaning, but if the microfiber gets clogged with dirt, it can leave stains. In this case, you need to replace it and do another cleaning cycle.

The manufacturer made a number of bold decisions and did not fail. The functionality of the vacuum cleaner has expanded significantly. Now Hobot Legee D7 not only washes at the level of a floor polisher, but also does an excellent job of dry cleaning. The robot confidently collects sand and large specks, combs out carpets and draws in wool. The operation parameters can be configured in detail in the application, including so that the Hobot Legee D7 does not get stuck on the dryer. The optimal location for this robot is a spacious house with smooth floors and few thin carpets.

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First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

First polisher in one turn with lidar

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