IRobot Roomba 870 robot vacuum cleaner

IRobot Roomba 870 robot vacuum cleaner Роботы

iRobot Roomba 870 robot vacuum cleaner is quite popular among customers, dust suction power is 30W, and the noise level is only 60db, this robot vacuum cleaner model has a dust container. Thanks to its compactness and power, it is possible to clean even hard-to-reach places. The time of continuous operation from the battery (Ni-MH, capacity 3000 mAh) is up to 90 minutes, a full recharge at the station will take no more than 180 minutes. This model is ideal for a private house or apartment, because. it is quite productive, and the noise level is only 60 dB.

All robotic vacuum cleaners of the iRobot brand are high-tech inventions designed to care for horizontal surfaces in rooms robotically without human intervention. Thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence, it is able to perform various functions: dry floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, wet cleaning, UV disinfection (if equipped).

I dreamed about this wonderful device (Irobot Roomba 870) for a long time, and when it became a question of choice, we went to mvideo and watched all sorts of lg and samsung there, fortunately I got an adequate consultant who suggested that the best company in this segment – it’s irobot! And indeed, after reading the reviews, it immediately became clear why this irobot costs almost twice as much as its counterparts. On the Internet, by the way, there are a lot of videos comparing irobot models and analogues. So we bought it last October, at a fabulous price of 24500, now it is more expensive.

This vacuum cleaner cleans itself, does not fall off steps, goes around animal bowls, if the limiter is set correctly, takes up little space, returns to the base for recharging by itself. I don’t use a conventional vacuum cleaner at all, and obviously I don’t want to return to it!

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But, as always, there are also disadvantages: 1) price 2) the vacuum cleaner must always be on charge 3) a little more than a year has passed, there were problems with charging (for information, a new charging unit is 6500 rubles)

For this I put 4! And so I consider him just a necessary helper in the household.

And yes, about the noise! He is not very noisy, at least my six-month-old child is not afraid of him, and does not cry

And last but not least, they have a new product coming out soon! 9th generation of robots, if I don’t solve problems with the charger, we will take it !!! So pay attention

The IRobot Roomba 870 robot vacuum cleaner became our new family member, we fell in love with it so much)) We even came up with a name for it – Rubik!

Such tender feelings for the vacuum cleaner in our family are not accidental. At the first acquaintance, external data captivate – a stylish glossy case will not spoil the interior of any apartment at all. During the operation of the vacuum cleaner, it becomes clear that the thoroughness of its cleaning is based on repeated passage through the same place. Until the room is clean, the robot will not go to the next one. He masterfully copes with obstacles such as table legs, goes around them, leaving only a clean floor behind him. When detecting an area with particularly heavy pollution, Roomba diligently passes over it many, many times. A nice feature of the vacuum cleaner are brushless rubber rollers-scrapers with protection against winding hair – they do not need to be cleaned at all like brushes on conventional vacuum cleaners! After cleaning, the robot itself returns to the docking station. The best part is that all this happens while I walk with my daughter! We return to the already clean apartment, it remains only to empty the garbage container, where, despite daily cleaning, there is always a lot of cat hair (yes, we have a cat) and other dirt. During the molting period of the cat, the husband begins to have an allergy, but with a robot vacuum cleaner it goes almost unnoticed, because Rubik copes with cat hair with a bang! The first couple of days after the purchase, we ran it several times a day, and each time the container was full of wool. He sucked it out of the crevices of the parquet, where it had apparently accumulated for years.

As the manufacturer himself writes about his offspring: “You don’t just see how clean your floors are. You feel it.” I absolutely agree with this statement, even breathe easier!

iAdapt® adaptive navigation system

In testing, Roomba outperformed its competitors with its iAdapt technology, which makes it easy to bypass obstacles and vacuum each area multiple times.

AeroForce High Performance Cleaning System

AeroForce uses a combination of three technologies to achieve the perfect result of vacuum suction and debris removal. This is ideal for homes with allergy sufferers and pets. Roomba 870 is equipped with special traps that easily remove all dirt, dust and allergens and place them in a special compartment with HEPA filters.

Roomba automatically selects the best cleaning for your home based on the type of flooring in your home (laminate, tile, carpet, wood floor). The side brush cleans the edges of the walls from dirt.

IRobot Roomba 870 robot vacuum cleaner

Effortless cleaning

Dirt is present in our homes all the time. But iRobot Roomba® 870 gives you simple and easy cleaning without your participation.


IRobot Roomba 870 robot vacuum cleaner

Standard Features

– Cleaning type – dry
– Fine filter – yes
– Charging time — ~180 min
– Restriction of the cleaning area – virtual wall
– Building a virtual map of the premises – yes
– Official branded warranty from iRobot
– Beautiful and safe packaging for gift and transportation

Modern houses are literally crammed with a variety of household appliances that do all the housework and free the owners from the need to deal with everyday routine. However, there are devices that are not found in every home, but nevertheless are a welcome and mandatory purchase for a home. Robot vacuum cleaners are considered to be such a gadget. What is this household appliance, what is it intended for and what is the principle of its operation?

Such a device can easily cope with ordinary collection of garbage and dust, and a washing robot vacuum cleaner will clean any floor coverings from dirt without damaging or scratching them. Thanks to the built-in surface recognition sensors, such models are able to set the mode suitable for parquet, laminate, tile, porcelain stoneware. Compact dimensions help robots clean up the most inaccessible places – under the bed, tables, chests of drawers and other furniture.

Depending on the functions performed, all robots of the iRobot brand can be divided into two groups:

for dry cleaning;
for combined (dry and wet) cleaning.
Cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 870 is not difficult, even an inexperienced user can handle it, because he does everything himself, just program it. Despite the differences in the work performed, the principle of operation of all automated models is the same. They are equipped with a set of main and side brushes that clean corners, skirting boards that collect debris and dust, which are then sucked into a reservoir located in the device body. Also inside is a filter that traps small particles. Thanks to the navigation system, the robots are well oriented in space and move along a predetermined route. The infrared touch sensors located on the case are responsible for this and ensure the correct operation of the device and its functioning.

Maxim Nikolaev

leading expert in the selection of robotic vacuum cleaners

Best Robots online store is ready to offer an excellent combination of low price and high quality iRobot vacuum cleaners, thanks to direct cooperation with well-known manufacturers. If you have any questions or need additional help choosing – contact us!

What is the suction power of this robot vacuum cleaner?

Suction power 30 W

What is the maximum operating time for this model?

Maximum operating time up to 90 minutes, this model has a Ni-MH battery, capacity 3000 mAh

How much does it charge at the station?

Charging time approx. 180 min.

Is there a restriction on the cleaning area, what sensors are installed?

Cleaning area limitation virtual wall, ultrasonic sensors are installed in this model.

What types of cleaning does this model support?

Dry cleaning is declared in the instructions for the robot vacuum cleaner.

How long is the warranty for this model?

The warranty period for the iRobot Roomba 870 robot vacuum cleaner is 1 year.

One of the main elements of cleaning robots is a rechargeable battery that allows you to use the equipment without the use of wires. The iRobot Roomba 870 robot vacuum cleaner can work up to 90 minutes. without charging, and he is independently able to determine the battery level and connect to the base as needed. Once charged, it will continue its work.

Despite the relatively recent appearance, “intelligent” assistants are extremely popular, as evidenced by the reviews about the operation of vacuum cleaners and the growing demand for these household appliances. You can buy the iRobot Roomba 870 robot vacuum cleaner in Moscow in the Best Robots online store, here you will not only be advised which robot vacuum cleaner to choose, but also consult on all issues related to the operation of this technique.

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