Puppyoo V-M611A

Puppyoo V-M611A Роботы

I want to share my review of the PUPPYOO V-M611A vacuum cleaner. The order was made in March 2017 on Ali. I don’t know why, but the choice fell on this particular model, the price was quite suitable. Yes, and having read plenty of reviews, which all unanimously stated that this is the best vacuum cleaner, the young man and I decided what to take.

I am writing a review quite late, but suddenly my experience will come in handy for someone.

Well, let’s go in order

2. The order was indeed delivered promptly. Because they have a warehouse in Moscow, the delivery took exactly 3 days, on the 3rd day the courier from the CDEK service handed me a vacuum cleaner in my hands. Many spit on this delivery service, but they had no problems with me.

3. The vacuum cleaner was well packed, even in two boxes, all the equipment was with him. There were no instructions in Russian. But this problem is solved by communicating with the seller. He will send it to you electronically without any problems.

Included with the vacuum cleaner:

4. Now I’ll tell you about his work. The first time we put it on all night to charge from the base. The next morning began his first day at work. He rides briskly and quite well bypasses collisions due to sensors located on his body. When any obstacle is detected, it immediately changes the trajectory and goes in the other direction. Passes the threshold between the rooms very well, but it doesn’t drive well on carpets. We have tile and laminate at home, so we had no problems driving. Sometimes I got stuck in the wires, but this is rather our fault. Driving time, fully charged vacuum cleaner, about 1.5 – 2 hours.

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Sucks in mainly only fine dust and cat hair. Large garbage, for example, the same filler, he does not take. If there is hair, then he wraps them around the brushes, but does not suck them in. In general, it collects a lot of dust and hair in 2 hours, even if you are sure that your floors are clean. Our container was full of wool, despite the fact that we turned on the vacuum cleaner every day.

As for the noise, it’s no louder than a regular hair dryer, but it’s still noisy. If you sit in complete silence, it will start to enrage)) The cat was not scared, the cat even rode on it a couple of times.)) The vacuum cleaner also squeaks when it is discharged, notifying you, but basically it immediately goes to the base and parks. When, finally, he parked (and he can do this only 7 times) he also notifies you with a sound.

I think it makes no sense to attach a bunch of review photos to the appearance. You can follow the link and look there. There is nothing different. I can say that it looks quite nice, the base has a beautiful blue backlight that flickers when the vacuum cleaner is charging. And which burned out after two months.

5. And finally, the most unpleasant thing. After 3 months of work, the vacuum cleaner safely went to the next world, having stopped charging. How this happened and why remains a Chinese mystery. Just one of the beautiful summer days, the vacuum cleaner did not want to go, screaming and food to me that it was discharged. Attempts to charge it directly from the wire (on the advice of the seller with Ali), and not from the base, also did not bring any benefit. Through long clarifications, sending evidence, photos and videos, I forced a new battery from the seller. According to the manufacturers and representatives of this vacuum cleaner, the warranty for it is 1 year.

Do you think the story is over? An, no! Comes to me, cheers, a parcel with a battery by courier to the house. And there is a pebble, such a good one, heavy. The package was cut inside, and the name with the address on the box was not visible at all due to some kind of sticker on top.

Well, as they say: “the miser pays twice”. And in our case, stupid)) What did we hope for when ordering a vacuum cleaner from the Chinese? I have no idea.)

Puppyoo V-M611A

When looking at the WP615 Puppyoo robot vacuum cleaner, the thought arises: it seems to be something new. It is striking that the Dyson cylindrical element protruding high beyond the envelope (cyclone dust collector). When you get acquainted with the performance characteristics of the model, you get the feeling that the rather decent price of the device is fully justified. In addition, no one canceled promotions, sales and other marketing tricks. Similar high suction power can be seen in Okami vacuum cleaners. Is it a competitor of the famous Panda in front of us? It is no coincidence that the Puppyoo WP615 advertising slogan sounds like “Kung Fu Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner” – apparently, such a hint.

Puppyoo V-M611A

Buy WP615 Puppyoo Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Puppyoo V-M611A


The device is designed for dry cleaning of the floor surface. It is used on smooth surfaces (laminate, linoleum, parquet, tiles) and on carpets with a pile depth of up to 7 mm. Designed to maintain cleanliness in residential and office premises.


Puppyoo V-M611A

Quite capacious battery, large coverage area. The robot is oriented in space with the help of IR sensors, information from which it processes (15 frames / sec) and stores chip 2 in memory. “Looking around” the room, WP615 performs cleaning along the optimal trajectory, choosing a movement mode and avoiding repeated passage of areas. The contact bumper is made in the form of a thin rim and serves as additional protection against a collision – the robot recognizes obstacles at a distance. Of course, there are also height difference sensors. 4 movement paths: along walls, in a spiral, crossing a room, avoiding obstacles. The robot switches between them as needed. Having used up the charge, he goes to the station.

Puppyoo V-M611A

The undercarriage allows the cleaner to overcome obstacles up to 7 mm. There are two side brushes. Two-stage filtration system: debris cyclone and HEPA fine dust filter.

Puppyoo V-M611A

Household cleaner is controlled by remote control. The touch button of inclusion is located on the case. There is no display, but it is not particularly needed. A “virtual wall” could come in handy, it is not included in the kit.

Well, the design, of course, is high-tech. You can immediately see that the machine is working. Just look at him – a busy little helper.





Puppyoo WP615 is a household assistant with some pretty serious features. An uncompromising solution: cleaning is cleaning. So, you need to provide suction power and “brains”. And getting under furniture and leaving garbage there is hardly the best way out.

Where to buy

Puppyoo V-M611A

The PUPPYOO V-M900R robot vacuum cleaner will save a lot of time and make life much easier for every housewife. This model has high-tech features, artificial intelligence and stylish appearance.

The vacuum cleaner has a modern unique design and an ultra-thin body, the height of which is only 9 cm. The robot is designed for dry cleaning of hard floors and carpets.

The device has a good passability, because easily overcomes obstacles up to 1 cm high. And thanks to the special design of the wheel, the robot easily overcomes thresholds and turns around in hard-to-reach places.

Puppyoo V-M611A

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with anti-collision technology, therefore, when approaching an obstacle, special sensors are triggered, after which the device slows down and turns in the opposite direction. Thanks to this function, the robot does not leave marks and scratches on furniture and on its glossy body. Also, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with height sensors that prevent it from falling from a hill.

Puppyoo V-M611A

As for the quality of cleaning, the device independently detects heavily soiled areas and automatically turns on the intensive cleaning mode. The robot qualitatively collects garbage, thanks to the internal brushes, the rotation speed of which reaches 700 rpm. The vacuum cleaner does not pass pollution in hard-to-reach places, because. side brushes are located on the sides, cleaning along the baseboards, near the furniture, in the corners.

The vacuum cleaner works quite quietly, so the user can turn it on at night, while watching TV or working at a computer.

After the end of the cycle, the device automatically returns to the charging base, so the user does not need to look for the last place where the robot stopped. To get the container for collecting garbage, it is enough to press the hinged panel of the top cover of the case. The dust collector does not require cleaning after each operation of the vacuum cleaner, because. its capacity is large enough.

Puppyoo V-M611A

PUPPYOO V-M900R Robot Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Complete with the device, the user will receive: 2 side brushes, a base for recharging, a trash can, a brush for cleaning the dust box, a battery with a wire, a remote control, a filter.

PUPPYOO V M900R robot vacuum cleaner. Reviews, review, buy!


PUPPYOO robot vacuum cleaner for home automatic charging V-M900R

The PUPPYOO V-M900R vacuum cleaner is a great choice for dry cleaning of hard floors and carpets with pile up to 1 cm.

Buy PUPPYOO V-M900R Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Puppyoo V-M611A

Cute glossy robot vacuum cleaner PUPPYOO V-M611A is a bright (literally) representative of this type of device. Neat appearance, good design, of course, pleasing to the eye. The price of the device also makes a favorable impression. In terms of cost and simplicity of design, PUPPYOO V-M611A could be classified as a typical household robotic cleaner in a budget price category. However, the equipment and packaging of this device are not without pleasant (and useful) details.

Buy PUPPYOO V-M611A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Puppyoo V-M611A

Puppyoo V-M611A

Puppyoo V-M611A

Puppyoo V-M611A

Puppyoo V-M611A

Puppyoo V-M611A

Purpose and scope

Purpose of PUPPYOO V-M611A is dry floor cleaning of residential and office premises. The robot removes dust and small debris from smooth surfaces (linoleum, laminate, parquet, tiles), as well as short pile coatings. Like all similar devices, the device copes well with animal hair (which is often the main target of robotic cleaners).

Puppyoo V-M611A

Control, device functions

The working principle of PUPPYOO V-M611A is the same as that of all robotic cleaners in its class. The device moves along the floor and sucks dust and debris through the gap. There are two side brushes, they sweep dust to the suction channel. The design of the robot as a whole is standard: a running gear, a plastic garbage container, a fine filter, four operating modes. Attention should be paid to some features of the model.

There is no contact bumper as such. Instead, the cleaner is equipped with a soft safety rim, which is not very conspicuous. This feature will appeal to those people who do not like how the robot vacuum cleaner “hollows” into walls and furniture. The robot recognizes obstacles without mechanical contact with them, using IR sensors. The floor sensors work well even on fairly dark surfaces. There are seven infrared sensors in total.

Magnetic side brushes are easy to remove. This allows you to quickly clean them of hair, which, as a rule, is wound when vacuuming.

Remote control included. The battery is charged at the station (automatically or on command). The device is also equipped with a timer. Of course, it does not provide for scheduled cleaning, but you can set the duration of work (half an hour, an hour, two hours, and more battery is still not enough). The touch on / off button (it is very sensitive) is located on the case. In the front part there is an infrared port for receiving remote control signals, to the right and left of the port there are LED indicators. It looks like eyes and a wide nose (most likely, it is intended). During cleaning, the indicators are blue. The robot goes to the charging base with red eyes (tired).

Puppyoo V-M611A

Puppyoo V-M611A


The stylish PUPPYOO V-M611A robot vacuum cleaner will not only help keep your home clean, but also decorate your interior.

Full review of PUPPYOO V-M611

V-M611 PUPPYOO Vacuum Cleaner Review

The robot vacuum cleaner from the Chinese manufacturer PUPPYOO cleans superficially. It will collect animal hair and fine dust, it can no longer cope with larger debris. The V-M611A does not have a turbo brush, the dust inlet is small. Dust collector cyclone, only 250 ml. This is a critically small volume even for one cleaning cycle. The wet wipe function is not available on this model.

The patency of the robot vacuum cleaner is low – it can only drive on very low carpet. Threads and hair can be wrapped around the drive wheels, resulting in frequent cleaning.

The navigation system of some buyers starts to fail after a month of use. So, the vacuum cleaner can go to one place until you turn it off. Often buyers come across a manufacturing defect. Difficulties in PUPPYOO V-M611A also arise with getting to the base. He takes aim for a long time and often the charging ends faster than the robot gets up to the charging block.

From customer reviews, you can understand that the vacuum cleaner has a very weak battery. If at the beginning of operation cleaning takes 90 minutes, then after six months the performance decreases to 20 minutes. In this case, the battery charge lasts all 6 hours.

Side brushes sometimes have to be replaced – they simply break. There are spare parts in the kit, but, unfortunately, from the same low-quality material.

Instrument manual in Chinese only. There are no service centers on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In terms of cost, functionality and quality, this model noticeably loses to more successful analogues in the same price segment. Buying this robotic vacuum cleaner is money thrown away.

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